14x6.75” segmented shell, 10x classic cast brass tube lugs, Sabian hybrid wires, an Uber classy Inde throw and butt, Remo Ambassador heads, and thiiiick rolled steel no-flange hoops with vintage brass claws. Bearing edges are a heavy 45 inner with a slight round shoulder, coming to a vicious point sanded just enough to never break a head 👌🏻
We use a special joinery process to connect the three shell segments- like all of our instruments, we warranty them for life. These joints allow for a louder, more articulate projection with the all vertical grain arrangement, whereas most shells in this style have to use a horizontal grain section for stability.
These two woods have a similar grain structure, but exhibit significantly different tones- walnut dark and warm, while padauk is often used as marimba keys and sings long and brightly. A superb combination of warmth, clarity and sustain!

Hybrid-X Walnut & Padauk