Gentleman Jack

Dry and Attacking

14x8" 20-stave solid African Black Limba shell, 3/8" thick, 45-degree inner bearing edge meets a slight round over outer edge. Snare beds cut 3/32 deep and bearing edges reformed by hand.

Cito tube lugs from Champagne Drums up in Canada, single flange Amoeba hoops from Angel Drums, orange Hendrix sleeved washers, Dunnett R7 strainer and Remo heads (batter will be new untouched). All hardware is fastened with stainless steel lock nuts, and suede/plastic washer combination protects the shell at every contact point. Badge is solid cocobolo. No venting.

Strange Planet

Metallic and Resonant

14x7 African mahogany (20 staves) black walnut (10 staves) hybrid snare with Champagne Drum Cito Tube lugs, Inde throwoff and butt, 2.3mm triple flanged solid brass hoops and Remo heads. Canopus vintage dry snare wires, wine Hendrix sleeved washers on all tension rods, .

5” thick with hand cut 3/32 snare beds, inner 45 bearing edge meets a slight round over outer edge. No venting. Incredibly rare figuring for African mahogany,


A Piece of Local History

This drum is made of heartwood of a 300-year-old copper beech tree from the former Frank Jones Public Garden in Portsmouth, NH. The tree was planed in the 1800's by Mayor Frank Jones. When the tree came down the family was devastated. We are excited to give this wood new life as a custom drum for Chris and his family to enjoy for generations.

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